Yep! I Decided To Blog…

Hello World! I am new at this blogging thing….hang with me and I will learn as I go.  Looking forward to sharing but first wanted to start with how very blessed I am for my precious family.  Preston is my incredible husband and the Children’s Pastor at Fellowship Church Plano.  God has brought us to Plano from Lewisville where we were at the Grapevine campus since 2001 as members with Preston on staff for almost five years there.  We are loving our new FC Plano family and staying very busy with tons of events this summer and incredible ministry opportunites. I am humbled by God’s provision in allowing me to stay at home with Keely and Pax, homeschool in the fall and serve at the greatest church on the planet!

Paxton will be two in August and melts my heart on a daily basis, I can already see a sweet and thoughtful nature in him and he keeps me busy chasing as he explores every shelf in the house!  Keely is my precious three and half year old with a heart of gold, spirit of leadership, and inquiring mind.  She has taught me more about myself than I ever imagined I would learn after becoming a mommie. 

I am excited to share the hard times,  laughter, learning, and nuggets of wisdom God allows me to attain as I seek to walk in the sweet spot of His will.  I hope you will join me in the battlefield of life as we can walk victoriously in Christ Jesus.  More posts to come, see you soon!


4 Responses to “Yep! I Decided To Blog…”

  1. Eric Peck Says:

    Good words, Julie. God has blessed you and your husband, indeed. Saw your post on FB feed and checked out your blog. Oviously meant for women, but I enjoyed it anyway. You will encourage many for sure.

  2. Welcome to the world o’ blogging! So glad to get caught up on where you guys are. So excited to hear that you’re going to homeschool. So much fun!! Homeschooling will definitely take you further into the refining process and teach you even more about yourself… it can be such a challenge, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything!

    “I have no greater joy than this, to hear of my children walking in the truth.” III John 1:3-5

    Much love!

    • Hi Dee Dee!!! So wonderful to hear from you, excited to subscribe to your blog. I can only imagine how awesome you are at homeschooling, I am sure there is much I can learn from you!

  3. Val Philibert Says:

    So glad to see you sharing this and the reality of struggles we all face, not just as moms but as women. You are a leader and a follower for Christ and my life is blessed because of you!

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