FC Plano Adventure Week Auditions

Well if you haven’t heard we are bringing back ADVENTURE WEEK which will be June 20th-24th.  We will be doing the GREAT RACE live at the Plano campus! Some of you FC members will remember this theme from 2005. For those of you not familiar with ADVENTURE WEEK…this year, Fellowship Church will become a world full of adventure you won’t want to miss.  Children ages 4 years to entering the 5th grade will explore the Bible in an amazing, jam packed week of activities, crafts, games, experience a full theatrical production and more.  People, even if you don’t audition for the production, BRING YOUR KIDS!!!!!  You can register here: http://fellowshipchurch.com/adventureweek.

We will be holding auditions for this on Tuesday May 17th at 6:30PM in the 2nd-4th grade auditorium at Fellowship Church Plano and would like anyone and everyone who is interested to come out and audition for one of the roles. This will be for both the main stage and our bible study rotation that will happen during each evening. There are a total of 9 stage parts and then there will be need for extras each night and 4 Bible Study stage leaders in the auditoriums.

Here is the script for night one of the show to look at as an example: Act I European Explosion.   Please pass this along to anyone you may know that would be interested in being a part of the stage production. Let me know if you plan to attend the audition by emailing me at pplentl@yahoo.com.

 The Great Race has 9 roles to be cast. Dr. Despair being the only one filled by Pastor Preston Plentl. They are:

Narrator – Gives lead in statements about the upcoming scenes and interacts with the audience. Brings transitions for scene to scene and delivers the clues to the Good Team each night.

Kip Daring – Racing expert of the Good Team. He is the media darling and spokesman of Goodman’s Good Stuff Inc. Wants nothing more than to win the race and continue to eat pizza. He knows God.

Jenny Alright – Member of the Good Team. Always does what’s right – so much so that even thinking about doing the wrong thing makes her sick. She knows God.

Hank Happy: A member of the Good Team. He votes yes on every decision and thinks that everything is OK. He is actually a distant relative of Mr. Goodman who has been sent on the race to find Mr. Goodman’s replacement.

Gary Grumbler – A member of the Good Team who is really working for the Bad Team. He complains about everything because he wants to hold the Good Team behind. He gives Dr. Despair information that leads him to the flags each night. By the end of the race, he sees the error of his ways and comes to know God.

Dr. Octavian Despair – Head of the Bad Team. He wants to win the race so that he can take over the company and change all of the good things that the company makes. Then with no good things left in the world, all of the world’s children will become bad just like him.

Sabrina Sinister – Member of the Bad Team. Not very bright, but awfully mean. She would like nothing more than to see Jenny Alright lose the race.

Woe Tume – Member of the Bad Team and the master mind of traps. He is played by Fernando in his walking puppet tent. The tent is a whole other world that the kids never get to see, but has lots of things that Woe pulls out from time to time.

Mr. Goodman: Owner and President of Goodman’s Good Stuff.



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